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Evolution of StartOP

Since the fall, our team has been hard at work to improve our content and prepare for the spring. Here are some exciting updates to share with everyone!

  1. Formation of StartOP. As we continue to grow we decided to transition to a brand that represents our mission to evolve the whole startup community in Boston. We are excited to be known as StartOP going forward!

  2. Continued Growth. We are excited to announce that we will now be working with and featuring startups from ALL Boston Universities.

  3. Content Shift. This semester we will be transitioning to industry themed newsletters including startups in AI, Biotech, Clean Energy and more.

  4. Expanding our Network. We want to continue to improve our content and need your support to ensure we can feature the best startups and brightest founders in each edition of our newsletter.

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A bi-weekly newsletter of curated entrepreneurial focused resources for students, founders, and friends.


Alex Marley

Investment Partner @ Dorm Room Fund | Engineer @ Cometeer | EE + Econ @ Northeastern | Prev Engineer @ Notch


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